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About the Change Africa Conference

Change Africa Conference, South Africa 2023, is a flagship initiative of IFED Global to assemble young Africans in the diaspora and home on cultural exchange, discussions and implementation of workable solutions for the continent.

In as much as Africa is considered to be a very promising continent, Africa has also become known to have some very disturbing traits which include, poor governance leading to misuse of abundant natural resources, high unemployment rate, tendency to borrow but with little to show for, being perceived as a corrupt continent and to mention but a few.

In consideration of the aforementioned, the conference is assembling youth leaders, students, experts, private, public and government officials on thematic discussions for cutting edge solutions to the socio-economic development of the continent.

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This conference brings together young Africans in the diaspora and home together to exchange the African culture, skills, technical know-how, exposure and experience. Also, to discuss and learn from the developmental strategies of key innovative and progressing influencers so as to develop practical and time-bound solutions for implementation.

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